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What is a Solar Oven?

A Solar Oven is probably the best & easiest type of Solar Cooker to use. There are other deisgns (ie panel cookers and parabolic cookers) but they both have disadvantages.

A Panel Cooker doesn't get very hot so takes a long time to cook and cannot bake etc. A parabolic cooker is large, expensive and requires continual adjustment - they can also easily burn food and are very dangerous. Neither of these designs keep the food hot after it is cooked. 

A Solar Oven often gets hotter than a panel cooker and it's heat is more even & useable. Solar Ovens generally keep the food hotter than the other designs too.

Basically the rays of the sun enter the oven & are turned to heat by the inner surface. This heat is then trapped & the temperature rises quickly & evenly.

The World's best Solar Oven is called the Global Sun Oven - and is used in many countries.

This amazing device will be the talking point of your next BBQ...or Beach Party...or Fishing Trip...or Caravan stop.

It's amazing design & features make it the worlds best and most widely used Solar Oven - the craze is catching!

It can cook basically anything in the sun - from Bread to Roast Chooks to Fish, to Potatoe dishes and more.

If you like quality and productivity, the Global Sun Oven is for you.

The main down-falls of different designs are: too large & dangerous (especially parabolic mirror cookers), not enough heat produced (takes too long to cook food) and poor insulation (food gets cold too quickly).

Designed with the common problems of solar cooking in mind, the Global Sun Oven will impress you and your guests. It was designed to be a everyday cooking tool for those in developing countries - but now you can benefit in your own backyard!

This amazing Sun Oven:

  • uses reflecting surfaces to increase it's cooking temperature (cooks faster),
  • has a built in adjustment to increase it's cooking potential (cooks anywhere),
  • has reflectors that fold down easily (can be used for travel),
  • is extremely well insulated (keeps food hot long after the sun goes down),
  • has a built in levelling base and thermometer (easy to use),
  • is very high quality designed & made in the U.S.A. (use everyday - great investment).

This means that the Global Sun Oven cooks in a similar amount of time as a gas or elec oven!
The food also stays hot after the sun goes down so is much more usable and convenient. Being of very high quality they are the only Sun Oven that we will recommend!

We believe that this will become one of your best-ever investments. Imagine - cook in style with the sun at your next BBQ - or even prepare your meal before work - leave in the sun oven, when you come home (even after dark) your meal is cooked & ready!

Safe - no fire risk, Easy - anyone can do it, Can even cook while your at work...

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